Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Boulder 2010

Always have to post about our Boulder trip. One of the best parts of summer is going to the Church Family house in Boulder Utah. We had a lot of fun this trip. We always have someone new with us it seems. This year was Stef and Ashlee. This is our traditional porch picture at the end of the trip but good group shot so it will begin the pictures.

Of course we had to hit up some fishing and boy did we fish. We came home with about 20 fish between all of us. We love to fish in Boulder.
That was my biggest fish. It was freaking out on the line but held still for the shot.
Cooper patrolled the pond for us through the whole fish trip. Had to be a part of everyone's groups.
While there we had to scrap the paint off the house to get it ready for my aunt Emily's family to paint the next weekend. It took us most the day on Friday but got it all done. The house definitely needed it.

The group before we went on our hike to the upper falls where we go every year. Maybe next year we can try to switch it up.
Trevor and Stefanie jumping in the freezing cold water. I passed on the water it is too cold for me. I like the hike though.
We all lined up on the edge of the canyon cliff. It is about a 100 foot cliff about the falls. We stay up above the actual falls to jump in.

I was put in charge of dinner Friday night. We got everyone involved in parts to make our navajo tacos. So yummy! I'm cookin up the scones to each the tacos on.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our Missionaries

The big event in my family was my two siblings going out on their missions. Starley left in February and Trevor in July. They are both doing great out in the field. We are so happy to have them serving and doing such a great work. Here are a few pictures of them and their farewells. Starley has 11 months left and Trevor has 22 months left.
Starley got called to the Missouri Independence Visitor Center Spanish Speaking Mission. She left on February 15th.
This is at the Draper temple. I drove out to go through the temple with Star for her endowments. Colton had to work that day so it was a quick day trip for me to be there.
Star's farewell cake. We didn't get a good family shot with her so here she is at least at her farewell.

Neither Star or I expected to be crying when we had to leave and tell her goodbye. It was hard to know she wouldn't be there when we came back the next time, but so happy for her.
We didn't get to go to the MTC with her but wanted to post a shot of those who did. She is such a cute missionary!

Trevor got called to the Santa Rosa, California mission. He left on July 25th.
We were able to be down to go through the temple with Trev in the St. George Temple.
This was the family at Trevor's farewell. We are growing. Just missing Star and hope to officially gain others one day who are in the picture.
We didn't get to go to the MTC again but this time I got to say good bye the morning they headed up. Colton just missed him coming home from work. I was headed to work.
Last picture with the happy missionary.

Octane FC

The more I look at my blog the more I realize how much of my life has not been talked about here at all. So much has happened and nobody gets the pleasure of hearing about it. Sorry these posts are all out of order and in September but at least they are being said. I'll work on it. For about 2 to 3 months I had the opportunity to coach a girls soccer team in Vernal and Roosevelt. I actually got to help coach the Union High School team last fall and thats where I got started with this team. In January some girls from the team came to me asking me to help coach their spring team they wanted to play on. There was a new club being put together I found out later and that is who we would play under in the comp traveling league. We couldn't get enough girls for a full team in either Roosevelt or Vernal so I got names and called girls and we gather about 15 to 16 girls to play on a combined 16 and 17 year old team. We started practices in February and played our games in April and May on Saturdays. We had to travel 3 times to the wasatch front for two games a day. Most games we barely had enough girls to be on the field. I believe we had the record for injuries in a game every game but we played and had a lot of fun. I was the head coach and pretty much the only coach so it was a lot of stress and work but I loved it all. The girls were so much fun and played so hard and well. We had a losing season but they got playing time in the off season and made new friends and hopefully learned a little bit from me. Our team was Octane FC. Thanks for the great experience girls!
This was our team minus just two girls. We attempted to take one in our uniforms and our whole team there but we came home and I discovered they didn't take on my camera! I was so depressed but we have this one so it works. From the top left we have Kaitlyn, Brianna, Jessica, Ashlie, Aspen, Mackenzie, Amberly, Meagan, Erika, Kinsey, Suzie, Melissa and me. We are missing Shelby and Betty.
This was at the end of one of our games in Brigham City only game shot we got. They played hard but ended up losing this game. They make me so happy they were so much fun.
Group shot at our end of season party we had at the Willards house. Three of our players were sisters on our team and their mom was our team mom. So they volunteered their house for us.
I introduced them to a little game I like to call Spoons. Those who have played will understand this picture those who haven't talk to me I'll explain. They loved it. We should have played this a long time ago for team unity. We played for hours.

Mayci's Blessing

While in Vernal we got the chance to be around when our second niece was born. Colton's sister Stacy had her baby girl on April 13th. He name is Mayci LaRae Shelley. Our first niece is Madison Elizabeth Fisher and they are the cutest ever! Just before we moved we got to be there for Mayci's blessing so here are just a few pics with her. We miss both our beautiful nieces and hope to see them soon.

Happy Fisher grandparents and parents.
Such a cute family!

Summer in St. George

Wow I finally figured out again how to fix the background and text of my blog. I just looked at it for the first time since my last post and saw everything was messed up and I haven't posted anything about our summer. I am a horrible blogger! So here is our summer in St. George quick version. We moved to St. George end of June from Vernal and things have been great. Colton started school end of August and is working hard in his classes. He works for a handicap home called Danville where he works 10 hours shifts 3 nights a week. He has a lot of time to do homework since he can't sleep. I'm working full time at Advanced Physical Therapy and love it. A lot of fun people and a lot to learn being there. We are living with my dad right now in his basement in Hurricane so we travel back and forth a lot but saving money which we need. I believe that is about it. I like my pictures to explain things more than me cause I don't like to make an effort to read very often so I won't make you :).

This was our moving crew when we moved down. Bailey drove my dad's truck and trailer up to vernal and helped load all our stuff up and clean my house. Colton's family helped us load while there which was very helpful, all those big strong boys. Bailey and I cleaned my whole house and finished up the packing all day Saturday while Colton had to work. It was a lot of work getting out of there. We borrowed Ben's dad's huge horse trailer from Roosevelt to haul down too. So we left with two trailers full of our stuff and my car. Kirsten, Colton's sister, came along for the ride too from Roosevelt. We picked up Ben and Kallie in Orem to help in St. George. We got to St. George and unloaded half our stuff the next morning then headed to the lake, Sand Hollow where this picture was taken. It was a long drive, a lot of gas money and lots of laughs. The lake sure paid off in the end. In the picture we have Kirsten, Ben, Kallie, me, Colton, Rachel, Bailey and Jenna.

Next we had the fourth of July at my mom's house. We had a few activities and good homemade ice cream.
Stef and Trev eating some homemade ice cream made by Dale
A little bit of laso golf.
And of course the fire works which I'm sure nothing good could have come of this firework being lit and made by Bailey and Trevor. They are not a good combination to be doing things.
We were just the audience for all of it.

When we moved down I was the only one with a job. The plan was for Colton to stay in Roosevelt working until we found him a job or school started which ever came first. Well he lasted a week and called and said I don't want to be here anymore. So we decided to have him quit and come down hoping all would work out and he would find a job. The second week he was here Bailey took him to California with him to work installing synthetic grass for the week. They stayed with Bailey's girlfriend Rachel's family. Rachel and I drove down Friday night to meet them and bring them home. So we went to the beach Saturday!
This is at Laguna Beach with Shaun, Summer, Bailey, and us at the beach. Rachel was doing hair stuff that day with her mom.
There was a spot on the rocks where water was shooting out so I sent the boys out for a picture, then they got in trouble with the lifeguard cause it wasn't safe.
This is us. I love the beach and laying out. My favorite summer activity.
We decided to buy earwax candles and clean out our ears of ear wax. Not sure if they really work but it was fun to do anyways. This is Bay and me getting our ears cleaned.

This is how they came out in the end. Don't think that it is really wax from our ears but well pretend.
Now it's Colton and Rachel's turn.
We had a park night with my mom and fam. We played a little football, played on the big kids play ground, as they call it, and some wooffle ball. Chris and Colton headed back to the vehicles.
Our wooffle ball game. I'm sure my team won. My mom bought a wooffle ball pitching machine. It works pretty well when there isn't a lot of wind. Sometimes we had a few problems hitting off it.
Stef Westbrooke, Trevor's girlfriend, had a birthday. We went to lazer tag and had some birthday cake to celebrate. All the fam and a few friends.
Stef and her birthday cake.
Rachel and Chris also had birthday's this summer. We celebrated by going to the batting cages and a little fiesta fun, fun. We had Sunday dinner at my dad's for Rachel's birthday. My dad works Sundays normally so it was even better it was on her birthday to have Sunday dinner with him and Deanne. She turned 20 and Chris turned 24.
I forgot the candles so we used matches. I don't recommend them. They really don't work well if you have a lot of them to light.

My two friends I grew up with on my street got married the same weekend this summer. I don't have the pictures of Jessie Wegkamp yet but here is Danielle Brown. Her husband's name is Matt. I'm a bad friend and don't know their last name.
Two of my best friends at Dan's reception. Morgan and Whitnie.

The Washington county fair was in August so we went and checked it out. None of us wanted to really ride cause those rides are nasty and too spinny, but it was still fun to walk around. Let me tell you the fair is what brings out the white trash of the city. You find many interesting people there. Maybe we are white trash cause we were there but hey nothin wrong with joining in right?

Our last event was the Dixie Round Up! I haven't been to this since before high school. We use to go every year when I was young. I always had three dreams of rodeos: to ride in the mutton bust, be a rodeo queen and a barrel racer. Ya as you can see none of them ever come true but they were good dreams. We had a lot of fun even though the seating was horrible on the hard cement stairs squished in with tons of people. Bad on the back but good on the heart :)
Rachel, me and Colton. Don't worry we got our Rodeo hot dogs and candy while there.

Dad and Jenna. Bay couldn't make it due to work in Escalante.
Great night!

This sums up the way my mom and Dale felt at the end of almost every weekend and day this summer. This was a sunday afternoon I believe.

When we moved into my dad's we didn't realize we would be gaining two new children too. My dad isn't home much so we get the responsibility of his two dogs. We love them but they can sure be a lot of work sometimes. Guess it is preparing us for kids one day and hopefully our own puppy soon.
This is Cody. He is a German Shepard who is about 12 years old. He is a sweet heart and very lovable. He likes to lean on you to get you to pet him and run between your legs. He is not a small dog either. He can't hardly see and can barely walk some days but we love him. You can usually find him in this spot. His favorite spot to hangout.
This is Jake. The fattest Golden Retriever you will probably ever see. He loves to be petted and fed. He is happy when he can just be in the same room as you usually. He loves to come sit in my room with me while I clean and watch tv with us. He has nasty furry toys he plays with that he whips himself in the head with all the time He thinks we should love his toys just as much as he does.